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  • Losses Covered Up to Protect Bonuses - Of course the people that take unethical or illegal action are responsible for their actions. But managers that set up poor systems and then get poor results should not be surprised.
  • Fed Continues Wall Street Welfare - "The investments have huge leverage and massive negative externalities to the economy. Any capitalist would know this is exactly what the government is suppose to protect the economy from."
  • Pleasing Customers - The key is to then take that knowledge and see if you can find improvements that do not add features at the cost of usability. You need to think systemically.
  • Scientists and Engineers in Congress - A list of Congressmen with science PhDs: Vernon Ehlers, Michigan, physics PhD; Rush Holt, New Jersey, physics PhD; John Olver, Massachusetts, chemistry PhD; Brian Baird, Washington, psychology PhD; and now Bill Foster, Illinois, physics PhD...
  • Customers Get Dissed and Tell - instead of fixing the system, just burn the toast. Then wait from those that get the burnt toast to tell everyone that you sold them burnt toast. Then, after they do that, go scrape it for them. How sad...
  • Kiva - Provide a Helping Hand - loan money directly to entrepreneurs around the world through Kiva's web site. Loan can be as small as $25. As the business produces income from the capital loaned the loan is paid back.
  • Your Inner Fish - Evolution is not controversial scientifically. Just as gravity is not. But it is just a matter of time: similar to Galileo Galilei and heliocentric cosmology. At some point the evidence is accepted and life continues.
  • What Motivates Programmers? - I will repeat my statement for all managers for all employees: your job is to eliminate de-motivation not to motivate.
  • 401k's are a Great Investment Option - some details to consider: "tax rates will go up - we are passing higher taxes onto the future by not paying our bills now; the tax deferral is a huge benefit; 401(k) employer matching is another huge benefit (for those that offer it)"
  • The Economic Consequences of Investing in Science Education - The debate now whether we are willing to invest more today to slow the decline or whether we are willing to risk the economic future where our centers of science and engineering excellence are eclipsed
  • Software Supporting Processes Not the Other Way Around - I have a bias is against off the shelf software as it often ends up forcing the process to be designed around the software.
  • Sneaky Fees - The Curious Cat credit card tips page provides advice on how not to get tricked by credit card companies into paying big fees along with some other tips.
  • Starting Retirement Account Allocations - One of the most important financial moves you can make is to start investing for your retirement early...
  • Management Books to Ignite Improvement - I have mentioned some of my favorite management books before but here some are again: The Leader's Handbook by Peter Scholtes, The New Economics by W. Edwards Deming...
  • 12 Stocks for 10 Years, Adding Danaher - The performance since the last update has not been good but that isn't much of a concern to me. The long term prospects remain very good for this portfolio, I believe.
  • Why Americans Are Going Broke - It is pretty simple, they are spending more than they make. And don't save money when they should - so they could tap savings when needed.
  • Nature Recreation Declining - My visits to national parks have led me to believe the attendance was increasing but that seems to be wrong.
  • Federal Funds Rate and 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate - some believe moves in the federal reserve discount rate will raise or lower the 30 year fixed mortgage rate directly. This is not the case.
  • Top 10 Manufacturing Countries 2006 - USA, China, Japan, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Korea, Canada
  • Don't Lock Your Content Inside a Proprietary System - if they can't figure out a way to be open and interact easily with mainly internet based content don't waste your time with their old proprietary thinking model
  • From Ghost Writing to Ghost Management in Medical Journals - I understand that traditionally claiming authors that were not actually authors has not been uncommon. But what reason is there to be dishonest in this way now?
  • Politicians Again Raising Taxes On USA's Children - If politicians claim to cut taxes but in fact pass on huge debts to the future they just moved the taxes into the future.
  • Creating Jobs - If you assume the lean company grows sales at the same rate as some poorly management company then it may well be that the lean company creates fewer jobs. However that is not a valid assumption.
  • Parasite Rex - One of the most enjoyable aspects of writing this blog is that I have focused much more on cool things I read. One direction this has encouraged me to pursue is the life sciences including bacteria, viruses, genetics, cells etc..


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