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New: Management Matters: Building Enterprise Capacity

  • Build Systems That Allow Quick and Effective Action - Don't Just Try and Run Faster - Any attempt to be faster internally or respond to a faster marketplace should first put the principle of sustainable workload as a requirement. And next build the capability of the enterprise to respond quickly and keep increasing how quickly it can respond effectively.
  • Customer Focus by Everyone - here are many critical elements to a management system. One that is fundamental, yet still poorly executed far too often, is creating a system where all staff can focus on enhancing value to the customer every day.
  • If You Create a System That Includes The Perfect Conditions for Scandals, Expect Scandals to Happen - Other leaders abolished child labor, created universal education, sent us to the moon. Ours are busy justifying massively unjust payments to a few at the cost of the well being of the country and the citizens of the world. The too big to fail welfare banks have been practicing this behavior for a couple of decades. And, like clockwork, huge scandals occur.
  • Leadership: Taking Action When Others Are Unsure - if there is a group people often become more passive; thinking the non-action by others means they are over-reacting. So they then don't react (thus re-inforcing everyone else decision not to act). This is one of those times leadership really matters: someone not afraid to take action and potentially criticized for going against the consensus group decision to not act.
  • Action Is More Important Than Sympathy - Waiting until leadership has amassed the power of something like the House Committee on Un-American Activities is very dangerous. Once that happens much more spectacular heroic action is required to save us than is required in stopping the dramatic, Orwellian (just look at the name of that committee, and the name of some of the recent acts of Congress), anti-liberty actions of government.
  • Profit = Market Price - Actual Cost or Price = Cost + Desired Profit - Apple would probably sell very few iPhones at $3,000 above the current price. How many they sell at $100 more or $100 less may be significant but they would still be huge sellers at either of those prices. So that "market sets the price" idea is not 100% accurate (I don't think anyway).
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - It is no wonder those people, that are suppose to be leading the organization, instead are just bleeding the organization for whatever they can get away with. That result is very likely when you fail to encourage systems thinking and respect for people (inside and outside the company).
  • Working Less: Better Lives and Less Unemployment - Also the USA standard of living is partially based on long hours (it is but one factor). We also have to work quite a few hours (about 5% of the total hours) to just bring us equal with other rich countries, in order to pay for our broken health care system.
  • Our Dangerous Antibiotic Practices Carry Great Risks - Our continued poor antibiotics practices increase the risk of many deaths. We are very poor at reacting to bad practices that will kill many people in the future. If those increased deaths happened today it is much more likely we would act.
  • Customer Focus - If the decision makers in a company are not experiencing the company's products and services as a customer would that is a big weakness.
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