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  • Earnings by College Major – Engineers and Scientists at the Top

    As we have posted about for years engineers do very well financially. This chart shows the median income by college major (the data includes those who went on to get advanced degrees) based on data for the USA.

    Engineering holds 6 of the top spots in the graph shown above and 8 of the top spots for those that didn’t earn an advanced degree. Pharmacy-sciences-and-administration and Math-and-computer-sciences made the top 10 of both lists.

  • Resources for Using the PDSA Cycle to Improve Results

    "Using the PDSA cycle (plan-do-study-act) well is critical to building a effective management system..."

  • Outdoor Air Pollution Resulted in 223,000 Cancer Deaths in 2010

    It is very difficult for individuals to cope with systemic failures (allowing excessive pollution that kills hundreds of thousands of people a year, for example); individual can wear masks to reduce negative impacts of air pollution. These types of risks should be dealt with at the government level. Those that argue that we don’t need nanny states protecting us from dangers that individuals have trouble coping with individually are not taking a very scientific approach to how societies can make life better.

  • Pilot on a Small Scale First - Good Advice We Often Ignore

    Piloting on a small scale is best. It is what I recommend and encourage. I just think seeing the failure to pilot as a cause of the widespread problem is too simplistic. Why did we fail to pilot needs to be the next question - don't stop at the failure to pilot as the root cause. From there you will nearly always discover, unless maybe you are Toyota or the Kaizen Institute or something :-) that your organization consistently fails to pilot before adopting on a wide scale. Then you need to dive into that issue...

  • Global Stock Market Capitalization from 2000 to 2012

    Looking at stock market capitalization by country gives some insight into how countries, and stocks, are doing. Looking at the total market capitalization by country doesn’t equate to the stock holdings by individuals in a country or the value of companies doing work in a specific country. Some countries (UK and Hong Kong, for example) have more capitalization based there than would be indicated by the size of their economy.

  • Poor Web Site User Experience (Ux)

    It is really lame that huge sites (Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, CNBC, CNN, Marketwatch...) can't easily show what markets are closed. Instead they show changes (which imply changes today) that are often for the previous day. So half an hour before a market opens the display indicates it has returned whatever it returned yesterday. And if the market is closed that day, all day long the display acts as though it has the return it did that last day it was open.

  • Early "Lean" Thinking

    Here are some early reports (so early it preceded the lean terms widespread use). It also means the focus hasn't already been set by the Machine that Changed the World but it is the same stuff that those that studied in 1980, 1990, 2000 or 2013 saw - it is more about respect for people and using everyone's brain than any specific tool. And these articles have a bit more focus on using statistics and data than much of lean literature today (partially because George Box and Dad were statisticians and partially, in my opinion, because current lean literature is light on using data).

  • Egytian Statue in Front of the The Temple of Dendur at the Met in NYC

    Colossal Statue of Amenhotep III Reinscribed by Merneptah, 1390–1353 B.C.. The statue is from Thebes, Luxor, in the Temple of Amun.

    The Temple of Dendur, in the background, was built during the reign of Augustus Caesar in the Roman period.

    The room in the Metropolitan museum is quite excellent with a huge window looking into Central Park.

  • Appreciating Health

    Part of appreciating health to me, is valuing life. We don't have that long to take advantage of being healthy to do what we want. I have to make sure I am doing that, and not letting distractions sidetrack me.

  • Peter Scholtes on Managing People and Motivation

    In the presentation he discussed the 6 leadership competencies from his book, The Leader’s Handbook

  • Looking at the Malaysian Economy

    Since I am living in Malaysia now, I pay attention to Malaysia’s economy. There are many reasons to be positive but the large consumer and government debt in Malaysia is a serious concern.

  • Cheng Hoon Teng Temple (Temple of Green Cloud), Melacca

    The Cheng Hoon Teng temple (Temple of Green Cloud) is a Chinese temple practicing the three doctrinal systems of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. It is the oldest functioning temple in Malaysia; built in 1673.

    The image shows a close up of artwork in the temple.

  • The Growing Market for International Travel for Medical Care

    Medical “tourism” is a potentially huge market. The size of the market is greatly aided by the extremely expensive and broken USA health care system...

  • Mistake Proofing and Mistake Making Less Easy

    Making it harder to make mistakes and making them more visible is good. Preventing them is even better.

  • Hyperloop – Fast Transportation Using a Better Engineering Solution Than We Do Now

    Elon Musk (the engineer and entrepreneur behind Tesla electric cars and before that he helped create PayPal) has a very cool idea of how to provide fast long distance transportation (faster than a plane). Essentially it is a big version of pneumatic tubes that used to be used to send small packages around a building, as seen in the movie – Brazil