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  • The Education System

    “I read them. Not to grade them. No, I read them to see how I am doing. Where am I failing?”

    W. Edwards Deming.

  • A Healthy Lifestyle is More About Health Care than the Sickness Management That We Call Health Care Is

    It really is important for giving yourself the best chance for health by taking sensible steps to exercise based on your own situation


    Doing small things like using a treadmill while you watch TV or taking the stairs instead of the elevator for short trips can help. Another option is to walk instead of driving your car, or if you drive parking a few blocks away (or at the far side of the parking lot) walking, or if you are running several errands walk between those that you can even if you are using your car. Biking to work is another healthy lifestyle choice (if you city has made this safe – too often they fail to do sensible things).

  • Practicing Mistake-Promoting Instead of Mistake-Proofing at Apple

    Mistake proofing is a wonderful management concept. Design systems not just to be effective when everything goes right but designing them so mistakes are prevented.


    But guess what, the unnecessary steps Apple decided to force me through are broken so I can’t just waste my time to make them happy. No. They have created a failure point where they never should have forced the customer in the first place.

  • Orangutans in Sarawak, Borneo

    The orangutans are free in the forest. They stop by the viewing points because of the tasty food (many were also brought here for rehabilitation so they are comfortable seeing people – though the rehabilitation is largely moved elsewhere now).

    The orang utan is found in the rainforests of Malaysian Borneo (Sarawak and Sabah), Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan) and North Sumatra. It is one of the world’s largest primates, and is almost completely arboreal (tree living). The word “orang” is Malay for “person” whilst “utan” is derived from “hutan” meaning forest. Thus, orangutan literally translates as “person of the forest”.

  • How to Build a Great Software Development Team

    "Without confidence, honest debate about ideas is suppressed as people are constantly taking things personally instead of trying to find the best ideas (and if doing so means my idea is criticized that is ok).


    This is also one of many areas where the culture within the team was self reinforcing. As new people came on they understood this practice. They saw it in practice. They could see it was about finding good ideas and if their idea was attacked they didn’t take it nearly as personally as most people do in most places."

  • Cognition: How Your Mind Can Amaze and Betray You

    It is important to understand how our brains work and the ways in which we can easily be led astray if we are not careful.

  • A Good Management System is Robust and Continually Improving

    "A good management system doesn’t rely on heroic efforts to save the day. The organization is designed to success. It is robust. It will succeed with all the variation thrown at it by the outside world."

  • The Tendency for Lean Experts to Distrust Technology

    Technology also is often seen as this wonderful simple quick fix by executives - letting them avoid the gemba and just put hope in a essentially magic bullet solution.

  • Interview on PDSA, Deming, Strategy and More

    A really big key between people that use PDSA successfully and those who don’t is that the ones that do it successfully turn the cycle quickly.

  • Agile Software Development and Deming's Ideas

    It's one of the reasons for "people over process" and all that; they believe that a software developer should be respected. Yes, they should. Factory workers should be respected, too. Everyone should be respected. That's what Deming was talking about. So then the idea that Deming was trying to impose on software developers some rigid controls that they shouldn't be subject to is not so. And not only wasn't he doing that, he wasn't doing that to factory workers either.

  • Leadership While Viewing the Organization as a System

    Over time, I have become more and more focused on the overall system and figuring out how to look at whatever problem we're having within a larger context. And I find that usually leads me to a better solution. There are a couple of ways to see this in respect to leadership.

    The first one is when you have one of Deming's deadly diseases (or his 14 points), like the mobility of top management...


  • More Evidence of the Damage Done by Kleptocrat CEO Pay

    Today I see many CEO’s are acting as kleptocrats do – taking food out of others mouths to build their castles. The damage done to everyone else involved is of no concern. Both groups love bankers that flood them with cash for new and larger castles at the expense of the futures of their company (or country).

  • How Healthy Is Squid for Us?

    I try to eat healthfully, especially when I can tweak what I eat to gain a health advantage. I know fish have good qualities. I live in Malaysia now and squid (called sotong here) is often available. I often prefer squid to fish here as the fish use here are often fairly small with bones to deal and not much meat for the effort (it is great sometimes but I am often lazy).

    This is what I found out about squid...

  • Using Drones to Deliver Medical Supplies in Roadless Areas

    This is an awesome use of technology to tackle important problems. Engineers are great.

  • Toyota Understands Robots are Best Used to Enhance the Value Employees Provide

    Toyota has always seen robotics as a way to enhance what staff can do. Many USA executives think of robotics as a way to reduce personnel. Toyota wants to use the brainpower of employees to continually improve the organization.