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Blogging honors for my blogs

Most of these are for my Curious Cat Management Blog or Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog.

Continuous Ranking





  • 100 Top Agile Blogs #26 by Luis Goncalves (popup covers the webpage - link removed due to bad usability practices)
  • Top 50 Leadership Blogs #7
  • BPM Power 50: Top Business Process Management Blogs #5 (link no longer shows 2014 data)
  • Modest Money Top Finance Blogs (link no longer shows 2014 data)
  • Engineering podcasts and websites not to be missed - 6 sites recommended by The Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Top 5 Recommended Personal Engineering Blogs by MeenGi "Malaysia's leading manufacturing technology portal" (site no longer exists)
  • Top 10 engineering blogs for students by Engineers Australia
  • Top 10 Engineering Blogs / Websites You Must Visit by fossBytes (link broken)
  • 50 Top Leaders In Leadership Blogging, #21, by Charles Specht (see continuous ranking above for live link)
  • The Top 100 Most Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs of 2014 #96
  • Top 50 Leadership blogs by Blogrank, normally in top 5 from 2010-2014 (now not showing up at all, site is no longer maintained)
  • Favorite Science Blogs by University of California, San Diego Libary, for Curious Cat Science Blog (2011 to 2014, in 2014 they reorganized the web site and deleted their list of favorite science blogs)
  • Top 100 blogs in Marketing (BlogRank)







On the about pages for each blog I list some comments from others on the blogs: comments on the Curious Cat Management Blog, Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog

John Hunter has experience in management improvement (customer focused continuous improvement, process improvement, systems thinking) and related areas. Since 1995, I have used the internet and internet technology to improve the results of management improvement efforts.

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