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I have spent most of my professional life working in the areas of management improvement and internet technology.

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  • Information Technology Project Manager for the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) for 9 science and engineering fellowship programs (including the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program) and other IT projects using Ruby on Rails (RoR). We started using RoR in 2006.

Links shown via the Wayback Machine - since they have been removed. While working at the White House Military Office from 2001 until 2004 one of the projects I worked on was the team to create a new As part of that project we created the first public web site for the White House Military Office which includes: Air Force One, Camp David and the White House Medical Unit.
The new site was launched August 31st 2001, photo link. The Wayback Machine shows the site before the redesign (11 May 2001 example) and after the redesign (15 Oct 2001 example). Also see the site during the Clinton Administration (21 June 2000 example)

I worked for the Office of the Secretary of Defense Quality Management Office from 1996 to 2001. White there I worked on the web site and intranet site and managed the application development for the Interactive Customer Evaluation system.

In 2000, I founded ltd. and continue to work on web sites and designing and improving web sites and web applications for clients.

I participated in the Deming Electronic Network since helping found it in 1994 until it closed in 2007 and was a founding member of the Washington Deming Study Group, where I served on the board for several years.

Mission: To Expand our knowledge and awareness of customer focused continual improvement management practices and promote their application in government, education and business in order to improve people's lives.

My first web publication was the Online Quality Resource Guide starting in 1995. Topic areas include: Deming, lean manufacturing, six sigma, statistics, public sector, and a management glossary.

I have been involved in improving the management of government. Previously, I served on the board of the Public Sector Network (now the Government Division of American Society for Quality) for several years (and established their online presence).

I established the Public Sector Continuous Improvement Site, in 1995. The site aims to help Public Sector employees improve their organizations. We focus on the following methods of improvement: the System of Profound Knowledge (W. Edwards Deming), System Thinking, Statistical Process Control, Customer Focus, Joy in Work, Learning Organizations and Innovation.

I have spoken at various conferences including the National Quality Education Conference, the W. Edwards Deming Institute Conference and the ASQ Quality Management Division conference (topic: Using Quality to Develop an Internet Resource). And I have presented to the Deming Scholars MBA program at Fordham University. I have also served on the planning committees for FedWeb and Government Services online conferences.

My resumes provides more details on my work experiences.

My professional life builds on some of the work of my father (Bill Hunter): I created a web site to share his work: Life and Legacy of William G. Hunter. The site includes Information on his life, his work and his legacy: the Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement, the Madison Area Quality Improvement Network's annual Hunter Conference on Quality (no longer held), the ASQ Statistics Division's Hunter Award and more.

Peter Scholtes and my father worked on what I believe to be the first application of Quality Management principles in the Public Sector: working with the First Street Garage in Madison, Wisconsin. I manage Peter's web site: Scholtes Seminars and Consulting. Peter dedicated the Team Handbook to Bill Hunter. He also wrote the Leader's Handbook

John Hunter has experience in management improvement (customer focused continuous improvement, process improvement, systems thinking) and related areas. Since 1995, I have used the internet and internet technology to improve the results of management improvement efforts.

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