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  • Jianshui Wet Market in Yunnan, China

    Jianshui, Yunnan, China has several tourist destinations including an old town with a restored Qing Dynasty mansion and garden and the Jianshui Temple of Confucius. The Jianshui wet market is primarily for the locals with a few tourists, like me, that take in some local culture.

  • Appeasing Rude Selfish People Just Makes them Behave Even More Selfishly

    Allowing the rudest people to abuse society degrades the public square and tears at the benefits that can strengthen the social contract. Sadly it seems to be a pretty dominate trait in our society these last few decades and it seems likely to just keep getting worse. Hopefully I am wrong.

  • Helping Others

    I have long used TrickleUp, Kiva and Global Giving to help (and they each do a good job of engaging donors (tugging on their heartstrings and making them happy to give).

    I try to give back to the places I visit. So I integrate this into my digital nomad life. As with many digital nomads I have an affinity for entrepreneurs and my charity often focuses on helping them (Global Giving does other things too – such as providing clean water, electricity, education and training…).

  • Wealthiest 1% Continue Dramatic Gains Compared to Everyone Else

    The least trust-fund-baby favoring country cultures are Scandinavian countries. The USA has been moving to an increasingly trust-fund-baby favoring focus over the last few decades with the expected increase in kids incomes being more related to their parents income than any other factor. In the USA now nearly 50% of someone’s income can be “explained” by their parents income.

  • Quality Comes to City Hall

    Changing to a culture that has a Deming perspective on customer focus is not easy. When you succeed though the way people think is profoundly changed. The City of Madison police department even did customer surveys for those they arrested and used the results to improve the process in ways that make sense. Obviously there are restrictions on what you can do to please those being arrested but this is really always the case – you can’t give all your products and services away for free even if that would make customers happy.

  • Ranking Countries by Scientific Publication Citations: USA, UK, Germany…
    Country h-index 2010
    % of World
    % of World GDP total cites  
    USA 1,518 1,139 793     4.5%   22.2% 152,984,430
    United Kingdom  918 689 465  0.9  3.5 37,450,384
    Germany  815 607 408  1.1  5.0  30,644,118
    France 742 554 376  0.9  3.8  21,193,343
    Canada 725 536 370  0.5  2.4 18,826,873
    Japan 635 527 372  1.8  7.8 23,633,462
    Additional countries of interest (with 2013 country rank)
    16) China 436 279 161  19.2  11.7  14,752,062
    19) South Korea 375 258 161    .7  1.7  5,770,844
    22) Brazil 342 239 148  2.8  3.0 4,164,813
    23) India 341 227 146  17.5  2.6 5,666,045


  • Who Inspires Your Management Thinking and Action?

    My largest influence by far is my father, William Hunter. Here is a good example of why: Managing Our Way to Economic Success, Two Untapped Resources: potential information and employee creativity. In another post I also wrote about my early influences related to quality management as I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin.

    From an early age I learned to experiment, appreciate and understand data, respect people and continually improve.

  • How to Start Applying Deming’s Ideas on Management

    There are many different ways to start applying W. Edwards Deming’s ideas on management. There isn’t a cookbook on what should be done first. This is helpful in that you can avoid trying things that would be very difficult given the current state of your management system. However, it is also very challenging in that you have to decide what to do yourself instead of just following a recipe.

  • Exploitation or Economic Support as a Tourist?

    People can still argue about the benefits and costs of chasing tourist money but when there are significant economic benefits that the people actually get (that are not taken by others) it is very hard for me to say it is wrong.

    I do get a bit annoyed at people from rich countries that downplay the importance of money. It is easy to say other things are more important when you have lots of cash.

    And that brings me back to a specific point about the quote "must be a very exhausting existence for them." While this may be true it doesn't mean that they would be better off without being bothered. It may well be without the botheration of tourists things would be even worse.

  • Interview With Travel Blogger John Hunter Of Curious Cat Travels

    There are too many great places but I think the game parks in East Africa are amazing and something very different from anything else I have seen...

    What is your favourite mode of transport? (plane/train/boat/car)

    None. I wish I could teleport everywhere. The current mode of transport are all a hassle I have to deal with to get where I want to go.

  • Finding an International Business Bank as a Digital Nomad

    Dealing with banking issues is one of the most difficult aspects of a small digital nomad business. Finding a bank for a small business isn’t easy. Add to that dealing with international banking and things get very challenging.

    Finding a bank that will accept deposits via wire, provide a credit card for your business, has good online tools and you trust isn’t easy.

  • Sunday Market, Chiang Mai Thailand

    The Sunday Market isn’t something I would say can’t be missed. But it is well done for this type of thing and worth going in my opinion. I am not a big shopping fan, but this one is worth taking in (even if you only buy food), and there is some nice stuff if you are looking to buy.

  • Is Quality Ambitious Enough?

    While grand aims don’t amount to much without systems that direct the effort to turn those ideas into practical action such aims are extremely valuable when they are part of a system that acts to consistently strive in that direction.

  • Rhinoceros Hornbills on Mount Santubong

    My single most amazing experience during several years in Malaysia was watching Rhinoceros Hornbills fly around on my hike on Mount Santubong on Borneo in Malaysia. I stayed in a treehouse cabin at treehouse cabin, Permai Rainforest Resort (in Damai about 45 minutes from Kuching). From there it was a 15 minute ride to the trailhead.

    I didn’t remember that Bornean Hornbills (Rhinoceros Hornbills) were huge and it was quite surprising how large they were. The Rhinoceros Hornbill grows to 90–120 cm long and weighing 2–3 kg. In captivity it can live for up to 90 years. It is the state bird of Sarawak and the National bird of Malaysia.

  • I Don't Take "Better Management" for Granted

    I find very few companies show evidence of practicing what Deming, Drucker, Ackoff etc. talked about many decades ago. Better management is still a distant hope for most organizations in my opinion.