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  • Magical Day at Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park

    One of the most enjoyable days of my life began at Glacier National Park (USA) and continued in the Canadian portion of the park (Waterton International Peace Park).

    The day started with a great ranger led hike to Iceberg Lake (I kept waiting for good weather for this great hike, which we finally got the day I was scheduled to leave). Then I drove up to Waterton International Peace Park in Canada and enjoyed a wonderful hike.

  • How to Deal with Motivation Problems

    Our organizations often demotivate us. We don't need pep talks and reward/carrots to get over the de-motivation. We need the practices that de-motivate us (Dilbert does a good job highlighting many of these) to cease.

  • Data on Medical Errors

    When there are headlines like 100,000 deaths due to medical error every year that reads to me like John was walking along the street and boom a medical-error/piano dropped on his head and killed him. But I don't believe that is true. I bet it is true that are lots of deaths due to just unforgivable errors - someone is given a drug which was indicated in numerous sensible ways would kill them due an allergy but they were given it anyway and died.

    But I don't trust how much of the deaths attributed to error are due nearly entirely to error versus those due nearly entirely to the underlying health and while there was an error it is unclear it really made much of difference at all (yes the person died, but they were going to without the error also).

  • Attracting Members and Volunteers to Professional Organizations

    Organizations frequently get attached to their ways of doing things and fail to adapt to changing conditions.


    many membership organizations... turn from being focused on promoting their mission to being focused on perpetuating their organization.

  • Managing the Organization as a System with Many Stakeholders

    But even the companies that are doing some things very well (Google, Amazon, Apple...) have a very long way to go in learning about managing organizations. But those companies have some aspects of they are doing very well.

  • Curious Cat Travel Maps

    I am now making Curious Cat Tourist Maps available online. I used Open Maps (and umap) which I am very pleased with (Here is a link to the Curious Cat Hong Kong Tourist map as another example). I can include those items that interest me (tourist destination, lodging, eating and transit) and include background info (like what subway stop for a particular designation etc.).

  • The 20 Most Valuable Companies in the World
    1 Apple USA $626 billion
    2 Exxon Mobil USA $405 billion
    3 Microsoft USA $383 billion
    4 Google USA $379 billion
    5 Berkshire Hathaway USA $337 billion
  • Stone Bridge at the Confucius Temple in Jianshui, China


  • Appropriate Technology and Focus on Improving Lives at MIT

    The D-Lab is building a global network of innovators to design and disseminate technologies that meaningfully improve the lives of people living in poverty. The program’s mission is pursued through interdisciplinary courses, technology development, and community initiatives, all of which emphasize experiential learning, real-world projects, community-led development, and scalability.

  • STEM Graduates in the USA: 465,000 Women and 451,000 Men

     STEM baccalaureate degrees in the USA in 2010 (reported by NSF in 2014):

    Field Women   Men
    Science (including math) 442,000   343,000
    Engineering 23,000   108,000
    Health 193,000   36,000
    Total 658,000   486,000

    If you exclude health, women still lead 465,000 to 451,000.

  • Debate Should be Encouraged – Calling Judgement “Extremely Paternalistic” is Normally Unwise

    I also think it is sensible to object to payday loans in the USA. You could make the same argument that such an attitude is paternalistic...

  • Strategy Based on Capability and Integrated with Execution

    “Strategy” without a thorough understanding of the organization as a system or an understanding of the capabilities of the organization is little more than dreams. Planning and strategy without the capability in the organization or a process to turn strategy into action are not much use.

  • Take Advantage of the Strengths Each Person Brings to Work

    Managers should be setting up the organization to take maximum advantage of the strengths of the people in the organization while minimizing the impact of weaknesses.

  • There is No Such Thing as “True Unemployment Rate”

    As Dr. Deming said: “there is no true value” of any measured process. The results depend on the process which includes the operation definitions used.

  • Why are We So Slow to Change?

    In management we often seek the new new thing. So while great ideas take a long time to become common practice we stop looking at them fairly quickly because we decide they are old outdated ideas. Not a very effective strategy :-(