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    • Manufacturing Output by Country 1999-2011: China, USA, Japan, Germany - China shot past the USA, which dropped into 2nd place, but the USA still manufactures a great deal and has continually increased output (though very slowly in the last few years).
    • Customer Delight - Customer satisfaction is better than dissatisfaction but it is not enough. A satisfied customer will leave for another provider at the slightest provocation. They see a bit lower price - they leave. You make one minor slip up - they leave. They find some marketing effort cute - they leave. Delighted customers are very difficult for competitors to take away."
    • Business 901 Podcast: Two New Deadly Diseases for Business - excessive executive pay and a broken patent and copyright system are doing great damage to our economy and society.
    • The Market Discounts Proven Company Leadership Far Too Quickly - Developing a strong executive leadership culture is not a short term effort. It isn't based on one person. It almost never deteriorates quickly. Yet markets continually overact to minor blips on the long term success of companies. I think this is mainly due to a failure to appreciate systems...