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  • Software Testing and the Impact on Quality

    The aim for software testing is not just to fix the bugs software testers catch but to function as part of a system to figure out the reasons those bugs were created and improve processes so fewer bugs are created in the future.

  • Statistical Techniques Allow Management to do a Better Job

    For all four groups of people [management, statistical administration, research, front-line workers], the statistical method is more than an array of techniques. It is a mode of thought-sharpened thinking. It helps anyone in the four groups, be he a machine operator or an executive, to make better decisions, and to do his work better, than he could do otherwise.

    --- W. Edwards Deming

    Those who continue to thinkW. Edwards Deming was focused on the factory floor alone have missed most of what he proposed. Improving the decision making at the executive level was always Deming’s focus. Continual improvement should be a part of everyone’s job but as executives have more authority the impact of improving their performance multiplies, or stifles, the impact of improvement anywhere else in the organization.

  • Common Sandpiper, Tanjung Piai National Park, Malaysia

    Common sandpipers on the beach in Tanjung Piai National Park – the Southernmost Point in Continental Asia (near Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Singapore).

  • Systems Thinking: Feedback Loops

    A reinforcing loop encourages the system to continue in that direction (e.g. a damn starting to leak, as water flows over the damn wall will further erode the wall which leads to more water flowing over causing more erosion).

    When the reinforcing loop is undesirable it can be referred to as a viscous cycle...

    An example of a positive reinforcing loop is building trust in an organization.  As people gain trust (and fear reduces) people are more willing to be trusting and cooperate, that behavior then encourages more of that behavior and so on.  A positive reinforcing loop can be called a virtuous cycle.

  • Leaving on a Jet Plane

    If your preference is to increase your odds of having a successful digital nomad experience then I suggest taking longer. Do 3 things:

    1) Get experience earning money in a location independent way (you can do that where you live more easily than anywhere else).

    2) Save up some money...

  • Functional Websites are Normally Far Superior to Apps

    Just like old school businesses were only comfortable with their old business models and didn’t create functional websites (instead using the web just to advertise that you should go to their store, or giving you forms to complete and fax back to them…) new businesses are often stuck on only using apps even though they often provide a lousy user experience compared to a functional website.

    There are some apps that are very useful and not having a functional web app can make sense, but it is fairly limited. Getting a ride apps I can see as only apps. Driving instructions and live maps using GPS to locate you is another great app use...

  • Stock Buybacks, Giveaways to Executives and Non-GAAP Earnings

    One of the things executives like about non-GAAP earnings is they pretend the stock they give away to themselves doesn’t have a cost to shareholders. When you call attention to spending over $2 billion in the quarter to buy back 3.2 million shares it seems silly to then claim that the stock you gave away shouldn’t be considered as an expense.

  • Bitbeam: Open Source Hardware Prototyping Platform

    Bitbeam is an open source construction toy/hardware prototyping platform.

    The Bitbeam project aims to define a set of parts which the users themselves can produce using increasingly available technologies for local fabrication like 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC mills.

  • Bill Scherkenbach Interview with Dr. Deming

    This video also provides a view of W. Edwards Deming's personality. He repeatedly expresses the importance of changing the management of our organizations to let those doing the work use their brains, which far too often American management represses due to heirarchacal management systems.

  • Health Insurance Considerations for Digital Nomads

    Health insurance is something that many young healthy people don’t think about. And many digital nomads are young healthy people, though not all of them are. And if you are from most rich countries you may not think about health insurance as your country makes it pretty easy to just be treated if you have health care needs, without a need to have bought health insurance.

    But when you are traveling outside your country health insurance is important...

  • Inquiring Minds: Improving Elementary Science by Linda Lippe

    This presentation also makes it obvious how well Leander ISD intergrates the use of quality tools into their efforts. Quality tools alone are not sufficient but the effective use of quality tools is extremely important to long term success of efforts to improve the system. And most organizations use quality tools far too infrequently.

  • “Our Problems Are Different” – Not Really

    It is very common for people to see their situation as special and so different that they can only learn about management from some situation identical to the one they face. But this is a misunderstanding of what learning about better management practices is about. It isn’t an effort to find practices to copy. It is an effort to learn about managing organizations made up of people so that you can apply those ideas to your specific situation.

  • Decades Later The USA Health Care System is Still a Deadly Disease for Our Economy

    Health care is extremely expensive everywhere. But in the USA the health care system is twice as costly as other rich countries. This is an enormous burden on the USA economy. Nothing else comes close to being as costly in terms of direct spending. And there a a great deal of other damage done that can’t be seen in just the 100% more the USA spends on health care than other rich countries spend. And the health outcomes are no better for the extra hundres of billions of dollars spent every year for health care in the USA.

    The costs of decades of failure are extrodinary.

  • Kuang Si Waterfalls, Laos

    The water has an amazing blue color that seems almost fake in photos but is really that color. The blue is due to dissolved copper.

    I think the falls are a wonderful side trip from Luang Prabang. The blue of the water is really amazing and it is a wonderful hike also.

  • 6 Questions to Ask Your Software Testers

    Making sure your software testing process is staying current with the best ideas in software testing is an important factor in creating great software solutions that your customers love. Often companies understand the need to stay current on software coding practices that are successful but fewer organizations pay attention to good practices in software testing. This often means there is a good deal to be gained by spending some time to examine and improve your software testing practices.